Art Basel 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
Oscar Oiwa
Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
Art Basel Hong Kong Website
Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
Spencer Finch

Sandra Cinto
So, I went to Art Basel again. Granted it was in March...but someone wise said better late than never! I took a bunch of photos of my favourite artwork, as you can see there's an intense focus on shiny things. I like shiny.
Paul Morrison
Yu Hong
Sean Scully
Leang Seckon
Sam Falls
Damian Hirst
Kibong Rhee

The premise behind going to Art Basel was to get a wee bit of inspo for my school art stuff. My theme was light (shiny...again) so there was an inclination to gravitate towards shiny, lighty, shadowy artwork. I did do the odd snapshot of pieces that I just found extremely beautiful (e.g. Damien Hirst, Oscar Oiwa) however there is an emphasis on light, stars, yeah... The journey was fruitful to say the least and now I've got a bank of references to leaf through when the wells of creativity have dried up, so to speak. Anyhoo, enjoy :D.  

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