Favourite Holiday Snaps-Portugal & Turkey

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'd been running through some old photos on my computer during a routine iPhotos checkup and came across some cute little pictures of our holiday in Portugal and Turkey way back when in 2013. Unfortunately the variety is sparse as back then I hadn't yet discovered my penchant for photography, limiting myself mostly to phone/disposable cameras in terms of documenting and memory-making. However I still wanted to share these with you..or me, depending on whether anyone actually reads this or not and maybe inspire you...or me to go (back) to Portugal or Turkey, I remember them being real swell places and can't recommend them enough to families, travelers or lonely wanderers alike :D.  


Unfortunately due to the untimeliness of these posts my memories of Lisbon are wavery at best. I do remember weather that just lifts the spirits (as lifted a 14 year old girl's spirits can be), bright all day long with a sun that sets in the most gloriously colourful, orange tinted and awe-striking way. Each day we were there would be spent at the beach which was a stretch of warming white that went as far as the eye could see. Lunch would be at a family-run beach hut where you could enjoy a freshly caught and lightly grilled Sea Bream, or in my case,two hamburgers with Portuguese beef. Late afternoon would be spent in central Lisbon where you'd be surrounded by historical buildings with intricate stonework under which old Portuguese women would sit and weave..or chat..or yell at strangers...Lisbon is a very passionate place. One day we went to Sintra (which is in Lisbon) and we visited the old Moorish Castle. It was definitely a bit of a trek to get up to the old Castle..albeit a nice one. It was generally paved, by paved I mean covered in smushed bits of leaves which have over time crusted over into a crude path, but it was beautiful. Hanging branches were draped over the tops of the "path" and provided a greeny-hued canopy whilst sporadically dotted on the sides of the path stood remnants of a carved stone wall and drawbridge back when the castle was in use. When we eventually walked to the top of the hill we were at the entrance to the castle. We were given a complimentary bottle of water (thank the heavens) and directed to the steps leading to the high battlements. For those who are slightly put off by heights, I'm not too sure I can recommend this part, but for the photography enthusiasts out there the views from the battlements are breathtaking, spanning over most of Lisbon. This was how we concluded our journey and if I say so myself, it couldn't have been done a better way :).        

Sintra- Moorish Castle
View of Sintra/Lisbon
Other hot spots to visit in Portugal are listed as follows:
1. Quinta da Regaleira
2. Belem Tower
3. Jerominos Monastery

Following our trip to Lisbon we hoofed it over to Turkey for a little sightseeing in Istanbul. This was equally magical and the weather was equally spirit-lifting. W didn't have as much time here as we did in Lisbon, however we made the most of it by taking a boat over to a fishing island on day 1, eating at a seaside restaurant where we were hackled by seagulls for our food. To look around this island we took the traditional mode of transport, horse and cart. I can't say my motion-sick prone mother loved this all too much but I was ecstatic. Horses do freak me out a bit, they can be bloody intimidating sometimes, but having taken time to get used to the rockiness it turned out to be the coolest way to get around. Day 2 was spent at the famous Blue Mosque. It was definitely an interesting experience and I wished I'd photographed the ceiling as that in itself could have been an attraction it was so beautiful, however seemingly was over before it had begun. On day 3 we reluctantly packed our bags and went to the airport, destination : Londinion.
Blue Mosque in Instanbul

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