Nepali Disposables

Saturday, September 12, 2015

SO! I finally got my disposables back from the printers today :D. This was probably the first time I'd used disposables in about 10 years, I believe the last time I was in possession of one was somewhere in the Australian outback...and I was photographing kangaroos...Anyhoo, I loved the outcome so much I bought 3 more cameras at the shop. At the minute two are still there getting developed (keep them eyes pealed for posts on those)but I have yet to open the packaging on the third. I think I'm waiting for some outstanding event to occur to warrant the fancy schmancy-ness of disposables, like Halloween (yes, I will be trick or treating...yes I'm a legal adult)or Christmas, but either way, I'm chuffed to have found an alternative to DSLRs (which confuse my non-tech savvy mind) and polaroids. 
So if you didn't infer from the title, these are me photos from Nepal back in....2013 I think? 
Anyway at the time Nepal was the edgiest place I'd ever been in my life, although I have to say the infrastructure was awe-inspiring. Kathmandu Valley was a heaving mass of concrete, and on ground level, Kathmandu at night was a mish-mash of people, cars, bikes, carts and donkeys. It was definitely a high intensity and rather stressful endeavour to get from A to B at night, however for those who like heaving, bustling and extremely lively cities, this is really the place for you. I suppose if I was a little older I would have appreciated this cultural energy a bit more, however at 16 I was too paranoid about getting robbed and too focused on not tripping over a wayward donkey hoof. 
I did love the temples though. These weren't super busy so you could enjoy the scenery without bumping into people. I did get scammed by a '''mother''' (who I thought was begging for money for milk but later I saw her buying cigarettes in a shop with my money..poo) but these buildings were so different from what I was used to seeing I soon became so enraptured with the sights that all else was forgotten (although maybe I do hold the teensiest grudge against her..)
Yays for shiny faces and adolescent skin problems 
If there were any survival tips I'd give to people who are going to Kathmandu, be prepared to be skeptical, don't let yourself be at the mercy of your naivety, eat, drink, be merry and have a good freaking time :D.  

Photos taken with: disposable camera

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