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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Llama Lamma: A Photo Diary

1. Temple Talks
Well ain't this a trip down memory lane. Here's a small compilation of photos I took on a 2k14 Christmas Trip to Lamma Island. We began the day by taking a rather traumatic boat trip (I lost my hat to the winds)to said Island. Thankfully the sun was nigh 'cause Lamma in the rain, lemme tell you is not the prettiest picture.. 

Upon alighting le boat, we went straight onto the walk from the west side to the east side, Christmas style (Christmas hats aplenty, maybe even a tinsel scarf or two). I do love Lamma Island. It's a bit like a rural village surrounded by beaches, foresty woods and rolling hills. Rather nice if I do say so myself.    

We began our walk at a temple on the west side. Chinese temples are so lovely. I go to them quite often and although the smell and general not-being-able-to-breathe-because-smoke feeling, there's a real sense of community and dare I say love? Relatives talk to their ancestor's graves (well, at least mine do)and when that's over, talk to each other, talk about food, flowers, cleanliness of ones houses etc. It's almost as if they believe their ancestors are around listening to the conversation and enjoying the atmosphere..which they jolly well are. I won't dispute that belief.

2. Post Temple Walks (lil rhyme for ya there, eyyy :D)
After visiting the temple, we began the real hardcore stuff. I do really like the beginning because you pass cute little market stalls. I've procured many a wristband from these stalls and shops. And lo and behold I always come here to buy never pop bubbles. Does anyone remember/heard of never pop bubbles? Them plastic bubble things which taste funny when deflated but you chewed anyway because it popped in yo mouth? Anywayyy, yeap. I loved those. Bought them pretty much every weekend. 

After about an hour we started getting down to the nitty gritty stuff..yep, I mean uphill. It also started getting a bit more nature-y, by which I mean there were no shops. 

After passing the beach and after one arduous uphill, we met a lady selling frozen pineapples. Believe it or not Hong Kong winters require frozen pineapples. Gets a bit steamy if the sun is high. Anyhoo, I digress. We ate pineapples, descended and carried on with out journey. 

We eventually came out the other end to find this lovely piece of art on someones wall. TBH I thought it was pretty f*cking neat but I can see why the rest of my family has second thoughts (but shoutout to whoever who did it...its pretty damn badass). We commenced to eat, drink and make merry, chowing down on some pretty fresh squid and fish. YUM YUM, rounding off yet another great Christmas. Well, onto the next one!   

Photos taken with: Canon 500D

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